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Located in Southern California, the Rocksteady team set out to build the best portable speaker we could. We hope you enjoy yours.

Quality comes from good engineering & using quality components and materials.

The case: Side blasting speakers connected to 1.1mm thick aluminum case. Lightweight and designed to reduce vibrations, and therefore delivering a clean, clear sound at all volume levels.

Engineered to deliver performance.

Designed first to sound great at all volume levels. The opposing mounted speaker cones work in conjunction to compress air and propel clean sound; each ear hearing its own channel thanks to its side blasting design.

The center subwoofer adds a pumping bass.

A smart battery design: Lithium-ion battery that offers 10+ hours per charge and can be recharged via micro-USB (charging cable included). Or swap the battery pack when heading out with optional backup batteries.

Use it anywhere: The base of the Rocksteady speaker features integrated mounting points for the Rocksteady universal mounting adaptor.  Mount it to your bike, roll cage, beach umbrella, baby stroller, or any bar up to 2” in diameter. Or attach it to a window, drywall, ceiling, or any flat surface. Attach it to a cup holder, or clip it to your backpack, belt loop, golf bag, or almost anywhere you can think of.

Customize it, and drop it: Choose your silicone skin color, or buy multiple skins for each day of the week.

(Silicone skins are optional on the Rocksteady XS.)

Watersafe: (Rocksteady 2.0 only)

Designed to work when you need it and where you need it, indoors or outdoors.  All components are corrosion resistant, plus the battery and circuitry are protected by Liquipel’s nano-technology Watersafe coating.

The only speaker that sound great indoors and outdoors.

Who are we?

Killer Concepts was founded in 2011 with the mission to build high quality consumer electronics, with innovative designs. Quality, Service, Innovation.