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Frequently Asked Questions

The Rocksteady’s lights tell a different story based on the color and activity.

  • When the Rocksteady is off and plugged in, the light should remain RED until the battery is fully charged.
  • When the Rocksteady is on, and unplugged, the light will either flash BLUE or be a steady blue, depending on what mode it is in.
  • When the Rocksteady is on and plugged in, the two colors combine to make PURPLE, which is why it will flash RED then PURPLE when charging and on.
  • When the light is flashing and music is coming out, then it is working properly. If not, give us a shout.

Each time the Rocksteady connects to a new device, it is ‘forgetting’ an older one. The current version of the Rocksteady recalls the last 4 devices it was paired to.

If your Rocksteady no longer pairs to your device, simply delete the Rocksteady profile under Bluetooth settings on your device. To reconnect, turn on the Rocksteady.

During the first 30 seconds, the Rocksteady is looking to reconnect to a known device. Once you hear the soft beep, you can connect anew. Rebooting your phone may be required.

The battery in the Rocksteady is readily for sale all over the world inexpensively. We sell our 10 hour battery through our web-store. We also sell an external battery charger, allowing you to always have one full on the go.

Volume control must be done from both your device (phone, tablet, etc.) AND on the Rocksteady in order to get maximum volume.

Yes, you sure can. Plug and play away.

  1. On your PC, go to Bluetooth Settings. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on and then click “Add” or “Set up New Device.”
  2. Select “Rocksteady” when it appears in the list of Bluetooth devices.
  3. Once paired, you may need to go to select and connect “Rocksteady” in the Bluetooth menu. You may also need to go to your “Sound” settings menu to select “Rocksteady” as the playback/recording device.
  4. If your PC is not Bluetooth-enabled, the Rocksteady also connects via 3.5 mm stereo cable. Plug one end of your stereo cable into the headphone jack of your PC, and the other end into the audio input on your Rocksteady.

Note for Windows 7 users: If Windows prompts for a driver, this means it needs a driver for your computer’s Bluetooth interface. We recommend that you first check with you computer’s manufacturer for updated drivers. (If your computer has a Broadcom Bluetooth Chipsets, visit this website for details.)